About Us

We treat every wedding and event we do as if it were our own. Planning can be stressful, that's why our DJs will work with you every step of the way. We're very accessible, so if you have questions anytime, (even if it's early morning or late at night) you can call or text us at 217-493-4375. Our DJs are background checked, experienced, professional, interactive (without being too "over the top"), and detail oriented. Here's a little more info on them so you know who to expect at your event:

Ken Cunningham is the owner, main coordinator, and one of our DJs. He is a proud parent of three amazing children whom he adopted out of foster care! He is also the proud parent of two rescue dogs. He loves music, he can find a song he likes in almost any genre. When he's not playing music at events, he's playing music on various radio stations around the country, including Q96 in Champaign, and 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis!

Jason is our lead DJ. He's been providing music and entertainment for weddings and events since the early 90's! Jason has a wife and kids, and loves watching movies, and sports!

Halen has been a DJ for over 10 years. Halen loves his fiance, two kids, and Colts football!

Charlie is also a part of the 10 year club. When he's not working an event, he can be found spending time with his dog, and watching sports or Star Wars movies!

Josh is Ken's coworker at Q96. Josh can be heard weekday mornings on Q96. He's also been a mobile DJ for over 15 years. Josh loves to travel, if he's not on the radio or working an event, he's most likely on a plane heading out of the country!

Our back-up DJs also have at least 10 (20 in some cases) years of experience. Diane (who also works in radio), Kurtis (currently in radio), Tim (former radio DJ now works in TV), Todd (20+ year mobile DJ and radio vet), are all solid back-ups should our main DJs be unable to work an event due to an emergency.