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Here are some things we feel are important to know about a DJ before booking:

  • Research your top choices thoroughly. Check online reviews, or if no reviews, ask for references. We have several unsolicited reviews at, and!
  • Don't book a DJ based solely on price. DJs range from $300-$3000 in most areas. Lower (almost too good to be true) priced DJs are usually very inexperienced, or don't have the proper equipment (let alone back up equipment) to handle your special day. A DJ can make or break your wedding reception, make sure the company you choose is well equipped to handle your event. We only send out experienced DJs to handle our events. We not only use state-of-the-art equipment, we also make sure we have back up EVERYTHING on site. You can never be too prepared!
  • Make sure your DJ is insured. Most venues actually require this. We are insured through a State Farm and can provide proof for your venue within 24 hours, if needed.
  • Your DJ needs to familiarize themselves with your venue, days, if not weeks, BEFORE your event. We ask for your venue's contact information so we can get in touch with them and not only make sure our itineraries match, but also get a better idea of lay-out, power, and their rules and regulations. This also gives us an idea of how long we'll need to allow for set up time so we're ready at least 30 minutes to an hour before the first guest arrives.
  • Make sure your DJ is actually willing to play songs that are important to YOU. We've had events from various religious backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds, and we always make sure we have the appropriate songs for these events. It's pretty easy to purchase and download LEGAL copies of popular songs from any country, if your DJ isn't willing to spend a few bucks on adding songs he/she may not already have, then you need to keep searching. On the flip side, make sure your DJ will also honor a "do not play" list. We do, because once again, it's not about us, it's about YOU.
  • DJ Dress codes can range from a polo and kahkis, to tuxes. Ask your DJ what they typically wear to events. Our DJs will actually ask you what you would prefer we wear. Some weddings do a jeans/barn theme, and some want button down shirts/ties, or even tuxes, we'll wear what matches the type of event your planning!
  • IF your DJ is a one person operation, make sure they have a backup plan in case of emergency. In our case, we have a team of experienced, professional DJs, and plenty of back up equipment, so that wont be an issue with us.
  • You may have more questions, and that's okay! Contact us through our site, call/text 217-493-4375, or e-mail [email protected] anytime with any more questions! You can never ask too many questions!